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Types and History of Lasers


One of the first lasers to be cleared by the FDA, the SoftLight™, entailed a treatment that consisted of waxing the hair and then applying a carbon-based substance to the skin. The carbon acted as a chromophore to absorb the laser light. It was later determined that the natural chromophore in the skin were much more responsive and it was more effective to target the natural melanin in the hair follicle. Ruby lasers, another one of the first to be cleared by the FDA, did target melanin, but with a wavelength of only 694 nm, they were not very versatile for varying skin and hair types. Ruby lasers could only treat people with very light skin. Another early method was the flashlamp (i.e.: intense pulsed light-IPL), although it is not technically a laser.

Today, some of the most widely used lasers are Diode lasers (810 nm) and Alexandrite lasers (755 nm). They specifically target melanin and can be used on all skin types except for very dark tones. These lasers can effectively treat fine or coarse hairs, and those with light or dark color.

A great technological development for laser hair removal has been the long-pulse Nd:YAG at 1064 nm. This wavelength allows physicians to safely treat dark and tanned individuals. Although the Nd:YAG has allowed for this advancement, it is not as effective as other lasers in treating very light or fine hairs.

Today, there is a variety of lasers available to safely and effectively remove hair. The FDA has approved dozens of lasers for hair removal that may operate at different wavelengths in order to be capable of treating different types of skin and hair. When used properly, lasers are a valuable method of hair removal, but there is no one universal laser that is effective for all types of hair and skin. At Cosmetic Laser Solutions, Dr. Goldboss will evaluate all patients and individualize treatment with our different lasers.




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