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Hair removal lasers are Class IV medical devices. Currently, very few states require that only physicians operate these lasers. Unfortunately, this legislation is often only written after the occurrences of many serious laser injuries.

Although medical lasers are safe to operate when used properly, there is still the possibility of inflicting harm upon a patient including severe burns, change in pigmentation, and eye injury including blindness. In order to mitigate these risks, it is critical that a licensed physician perform all procedures. Laser hair removal is a relatively new procedure that is highly under-regulated, which is why it is easy for under-qualified individuals to perform. The safety of these lasers is highly operator-dependent.

Christian Roulin, M.D., a prominent laser researcher notes:

Anyone, including healers, hairstylists, tattoo artists, and cosmeticians, can buy lasers and then advertise for their services. There are no legal requirements for training, no quality control measures, no official quality standards or guidelines…We must demand the extensive scientific evaluation of new and existing system; objective and trustworthy marketing by laser manufacturers' well-founded training for laser operators; and legislation which restricts the use of lasers to physicians alone.

There are many medications and aspects of an individual's medical history that may significantly affect the outcome of a laser hair removal treatment. In fact, some medications are considered to be dangerous while receiving laser treatment. Only a physician can properly evaluate this information, and many non-physicians performing these procedures do not even request such information. It is imperative to patients' safety that they seek out a qualified physician with extensive laser training, who performs all of the procedures himself.




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