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How Do Lasers Work?


Lasers generate a concentrated beam of light that targets the color pigment, known as melanin, in hair. LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Most lasers used for medical purposes operate using visible, near-infrared, or infrared parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. Within the electromagnetic spectrum, there is visible light (between 400 nm and 700 nm), ultraviolet light which has a shorter wavelength, and longer wavelength infrared light.

Essentially, the heat generated by the laser light, not the laser, destroys the hair follicle. Substances such as human tissue contain chromophores that absorb photons of light energy, and properties of the tissue may affect how a chromophore responds to different wavelengths. This is why different lasers with different wavelengths and properties must be used for the varying types of skin and hair. When the laser light is absorbed into the chromophores, the light is converted to thermal energy, therefore producing heat. This heat is then able to damage the hair cells. It is possible for severe burns to result if a chromophore is heated beyond its capacity and the heat diffuses into the surrounding tissues. This is why it is crucial that a qualified physician perform these procedures. This risk may be greatly reduced if the physician properly targets the melanin without exceeding its heat capacity, and fortunately newer lasers are very safe to use and have specific wavelengths that are highly accurate in being absorbed by melanin. At Cosmetic Laser Solutions, Dr. Goldboss performs all of the procedures to ensure safety.




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