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Spider vein treatment Chicago specialists can remove spider veins to make you look and feel great! At Cosmetic Laser Solutions in Chicago, we help people eliminate unsightly spider veins virtually anywhere on the body, including face and legs, using state of the art laser technology. Because "broken capillaries" are truly spider veins, we can eliminate these as well.

All procedures are performed personally by our board certified physician, Anthony K. Goldboss, M.D. He and his staff will make you feel comfortable and right at home. Let us help you look and feel your best. Look to us for expert spider vein treatment in Chicago.


Laser spider vein treatment has become very popular because it is non-invasive and offers many advantages over sclerotherapy. While sclerotherapy may take multiple treatments and needle injections are needed in each vein, laser treatment may only require 1 treatment and needles are not used. Our lasers treat spider veins of all colors (red, blue, and purple) and our physician will individualize treatment based on your characteristics (i.e. skin color, vein color, etc.) We use the Nd:Yag CoolGlide laser and GentleLase Plus alexandrite laser to accomplish your goals. Veins on almost any area on the body can be treated, although leg and facial veins are the most common.

Lasers work by targeting the color in the blood vessel and selectively heating them without damaging surrounding tissues. The laser will destroy these veins in just a few minutes. The vein may look slightly bruised after treatment, but the bruising will dissipate.

All procedures performed by a board certified physician. We have many years of experience and you can trust us for all your spider vein treatment needs.


Spider Vein Treatment Chicago

Frequently Asked Questions

What does laser treatment feel like?

  A pulse of laser light feels like a small pinch or slight sting similar to the snap of a rubberband against skin. No local anesthesia is required and the procedure is well tolerated. For people with very sensitive skin, a prescription topical anesthetic can be provided.

When will the veins go away?

  Maximum effect can take up to 6 months, but you will notice most changes within 3 months.

How many treatments are required?

  Generally only 1 treatment is required, although over the years you may develop new veins that need to be treated.

Are there some people who should not get treatment?

  There are certain medical conditions and medications that preclude patients from laser treatment. Certain medications can cause increased photosensitivity and may cause burns if not properly recognized. Our physician will review your medical history prior to treatment. It is imperative to have a licensed physician perform all laser procedures for safety reasons.


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