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Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory condition of the face which affects approximately 5% of people in the United States. The main feature of rosacea is facial redness. It typically occurs on the nose, cheeks and chin. Frequently patients will have enlarged facial blood vessels that people commonly refer to as "broken capillaries/blood vessels," and flushing/blushing. The flushing/blushing may be triggered by sun exposure, heat, stress, exercise, alcohol, caffeine, and spicy food. In addition to these symptoms, patients can also experience itching, burning, stinging and the appearance of enlarged pores in the affected area. Patients with rosacea will commonly only have some of these symptoms. The diagnosis of rosacea needs to be made clinically by a physician. Currently, there are no tests available.

In the past, the treatment of this type of rosacea has been limited mostly to topical antibiotics such as metronidazole, or in extreme cases, oral antibiotics. In the majority of patients, the response to these medications is very disappointing. Fortunately, with the emergence of medical lasers in the last decade, treatment for this type of rosacea has been revolutionized. At Cosmetic Laser Solutions, Dr. Goldboss uses a Nd-YAG laser to perform two different types of laser procedures, depending on patient symptoms. One procedure treats the facial redness, flushing/blushing, and decreases pore size. The second procedure specifically targets the facial blood vessels to eliminate them. Overall, laser therapy has given us an extremely effective alternative to treat rosacea.

Dr. Goldboss has performed over 10,000 laser procedures at Cosmetic Laser Solutions and is one of the leading experts in managing rosacea. He will do a thorough evaluation and outline the best individual treatment options for you.

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