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Acne scar specialists in Chicago can help you reveal beautiful clear skin. At Cosmetic Laser Solutions in Chicago, we work with men, women and teens to clear acne scars. Let us help you bring out beautiful skin that will make you look and feel great!

We can help

We can reduce the appearance of acne scars to reveal smooth, beautiful skin. We use state of the art lasers to treat your skin with our technique called laser skin rejuvenation. We can also use fillers such as Restylane® and collagen, depending on your individual needs. Collagen and Restylane® will actually fill the depressions in your skin to eliminate bumps. Our non-invasive laser technology works by stimulating collagen formation in the dermis – or deepest layer of the skin – which raises the acne scar to create a smooth and uniform appearance.

Acne Scar Help you can trust

All procedures are performed by our board certified physician, Anthony K. Goldboss, M.D., in our Chicago office. And since he performs all the procedures himself, you can trust us for acne scar treatment in Chicago.

Acne Scar Chicago

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Call us for Free Consultation at 773-935-2850. We're open weekends and evenings. At Cosmetic Laser Solutions, we're the acne scar experts in Chicago experts.


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